CBO Achievements

1. Engaged Child Activities (2018 – 2020)

Children, especially teens, in Nairobi’s slum areas are faced with the constant threat of induction into drugs and criminal activities. the continued congested buildings and structures take up all space that children can use for playing especially during weekends and school holidays. The CBO identified the need to start initiatives that can keep the children reached through the activities engaged and adequately mentored. the sessions also offered an opportunity for the children to have role models from the volunteer staff team members. this activity was conducted with support from Calvary Covenant Center church who offered sensitization and meeting sessions’ venues. Kesho Alliache was also instrumental in the success of the activity through their donation of sanitary towels.

The activities included the following:

  • Song and dance
  • Motivational talks
  • Fun day activities
  • Role plays
  • Menstrual health talks and demos
  • Life skills education 
  • Distribution of sanitary towels

2. Wings of Hope Teen Mother Rescue Center Activities (2019/2020)

The CBO also partnered with Wings of Hope, a teen mother rescue center based in Kamulu, Machakos, that seeks to restore the dignity of teen girls who are chased from home after falling pregnant. The center works with various child welfare offices to identify and support teen mothers who most times are victims of domestic sexual abuse, to take them through psychosocial counselling and thereafter provide them with a home for themselves and the child. 

Through the partnership, the 2 organizations were able to conduct the following:

  • Mentorship sessions for the girls
  • Awareness raising on menstrual health
  • Distribution of sanitary pads
  • Organizing a Christmas fun day and party for the girls in 2019

3. Attachment Opportunities for Students

Undertaking a 3-month attachment is a requirement for college and university completion and award of the respective diploma/degree. Many students face the challenge of getting attachment opportunities from reputable organizations through which they can gain valuable skills and meet the requirements for award of their diplomas/degrees. In recognizing that gap, the CBO provided an opportunity for students to undertake their attachment programs as they volunteer for CBO activities.

Through the program, the CBO has provided attachment opportunities for students from the following backgrounds:

  • Gender and Social Studies
  • Business Management
  • Public Health
  • Community Development

4. Training and capacity strengthening for Volunteers

The CBO has put together a brief pre-engagement training package for volunteers, taking advantage of the novel massive open online courses (MOOCs), to equip volunteers with the knowledge required for effectively participating in volunteer CBO work. The curated courses are provided by USAID Global Health eLearning Center and the YALI Network:

  • M&E Fundamentals (GHeL Center)
  • Effective Communication for Healthy Outcomes (YALI)
  • Basics of Public-Private Partnerships (YALI)
  • Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business (YALI)
  • Community Organizing for Action (YALI)

5. Topical Roundtable (Staff CPD)

The CBO is also planning on a monthly/quarterly Topical Roundtable, where the staff team identify a course of interest to the CBO work, go through it then hold continuous professional development discussion sessions for joint reviews and identification of outstanding themes of importance to the CBO work. These shall be at organizational and departmental staff levels.

The CBO will also seek support and resources for developing a digital learning platform that can be used for capacity building and training by the staff and community members.