Practice Areas – 2 Columns With Filter

1. Engaged Child Activities (2018 – 2020)

Children, especially teens, in Nairobi’s slum areas are faced with the constant threat of induction into drugs and criminal activities. the continued congested buildings and structures take up all space that children...
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2. Wings of Hope Teen Mother Rescue Center Activities (2019/2020)

The CBO also partnered with Wings of Hope, a teen mother rescue center based in Kamulu, Machakos, that seeks to restore the dignity of teen girls who are chased from home after...
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3. Attachment Opportunities for Students

Undertaking a 3-month attachment is a requirement for college and university completion and award of the respective diploma/degree. Many students face the challenge of getting attachment opportunities from reputable organizations through which...
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4. Training and capacity strengthening for Volunteers

The CBO has put together a brief pre-engagement training package for volunteers, taking advantage of the novel massive open online courses (MOOCs), to equip volunteers with the knowledge required for effectively participating...
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5. Topical Roundtable (Staff CPD)

The CBO is also planning on a monthly/quarterly Topical Roundtable, where the staff team identifies a course of interest to the CBO work, goes through it then holds continuous professional development discussion...
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