Unireproc Inc.

About Unireproc Inc.

Unireproc Inc. is the incorporated arm of the CBO, whose main purpose is to enable the organization take on business beyond the geographical confines of the CBO. By Kenyan law, a CBO can only operate within the county of registration. Through the Incorporated arm, the pool of expertise within the CBO shall be utilized to do impactful work across and beyond the country through research, projects, management consulting and related activities.

The incorporated arm shall also be able to provide an array of consultancy engagements to support the CBO towards delivering on her mandate. Through the incorporated arm, the CBO shall be able to access a wider range of experts for short term support especially in business development related work and with regard to partnership management. 

Unireproc Inc. Leadership

Benjamin Masila – Managing Director

Dr. Gerald Onsando – Director

Josephine Kithinji – Director

Range of Services

  1. Management consulting
  2. Research & project work
  3. Diaspora community give back oversight support
  4. Business development
  5. Environmental Impact Assessments

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Contacts: +254 725 893 873 (Managing Director)